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New Books
The friendship list
Love after love : a novel
The last Mrs. Summers
The geometry of holding hands
Battle Luna
Deadly touch
Peace talks : a novel of the Dresden files
The only good Indians : a novel
He started it
The heir affair
The party upstairs
The Nemesis manifesto
Once you go this far
The shadows
Half Moon Bay : a novel
Malorie : a Bird Box novel
The secret rhino society
I love my fangs!
Near dark : a thriller
The Bright Lands : a novel
Blacktop wasteland
Superhero vs. school
Choo-choo school
She wanted to be haunted
The golden cage
A duke, the lady, and a baby
The Ninja Club sleepover
10 things I hate about Pinky
Summer and July
Utopia Avenue : a novel
The safe place : a novel
The all-night sun : a novel
Want : a novel
Memoirs and misinformation
The order : a novel
Never ask me