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New Books
Mother Goose of Pudding Lane
Fairy science
Condé Nast : the man and his empire
The devil
The Aussie next door
Raised hunting
The glass woman : a novel
The listener : in the shadow of the Holocaust
Black Indian
Small silent things ; a novel
The missing ones
Three flames : a novel
Murder at Whitby Abbey
In my own moccasins : a memoir of resilience
Mr Campion
Spark of desire & ; All for you
Fatal ally
The third daughter : a novel
One soul at a time : the story of Billy Graham
Diamond in the rough
Naked  flames
The spice king
The lady rogue
Smell my foot!
Just beyond . The scare school
Kooky kinkajou
Mighty Meg and the super disguise
One wild Christmas
The world ends in April
Friendship on the high seas
Gobble up, Snoopy!