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New Books
The weekend wedding assistant : a novel
Bird summons
Moonshadow : the definitive edition
More than we remember
The dark corners of the night
Age of death
Above the bay of angels : a novel
The mercies : a novel
The American fiancée : a novel
All the best lies
Shuggie Bain : a novel
The chill : a novel
A crafter quilts a crime
Weather : a novel
Mercy House
Felicity Carrol and the murderous menace
Women in Black : a novel.
Love, unscripted : a novel
Salt River
Been there, married that
House of Trelawney
Sisters by choice
Dead to her : a novel
The unspoken name
Race to the sun
The Garden of Bewitchment.
The worst best man : a novel
Hunting for a Highlander
A Black women
Hilo : all the pieces fit
Pete the cat : Five little bunnies
Perfect little children
Breaking silence
A divided loyalty
A blight of blackwings