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New Books
Masquerade at Middlecrest Abbey
Dance away with me : a novel
The summer house
Alligator & other stories
Death in her hands
Egg or eyeball?
Firefly : the ghost machine
Pumpkin spice peril
St. Patrick
This terrible beauty
Again again
How to be a math wizard
Witness to death
The Englisch daughter : a novel
Daughter of Cana
The essence of perfection
Whose track is that?
Every second
Baloney and friends
The keeper of wild words
Lone wolf
The hidden rainbow
Seagulls soar
Say yes summer
The next great Jane
Call of the Sound Dragon : A Branches Book
Library books are not for eating
The world needs more purple people
Earth shattering events
What do you do if you work at the zoo?
The Silver Swamp
My Calamity Jane
Lift as you climb : the story of Ella Baker
Doodleville. 1