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New Books
Thirst for justice : a novel
The solace of bay leaves
Only truth : a novel of suspense
Three women disappear
A dog
Where the wild ladies are
Venus in the blind spot
How it all blew up
Who I was with her
Arcade and the dazzling truth detector
Horace & Bunwinkle
The lost Wonderland diaries
The monster who wasn
K-pop confidential
The Cubs get the scoop
The true definition of Neva Beane
I shrank my teacher
The secret life of Sam
Jelly roll
Dreaming in color
A star like Jesse Owens
Double or nothing
The paper boat
The nutcracker and the mouse king : the graphic novel
Student ambassador. The missing dragon
Corpse talk. Groundbreaking women
Runaways. 5, Canon fodder
Fish out of water
Haunted hospital
50 maps of the world
Dog meets dog